Villa Shanti

We are a group of Indo-French investors, sensitive to the preservation of architectural and cultural heritage but ambitious at the same time to shake up the conventions, to bring a breath of fresh air in a booming country.

Our approach is primarily based on understanding of the local environment while trying to integrate the buttons on the West to revisit the cultural mix present in the city.

Our goal is to provide a product halfway between the hospitality of a home and the best of a hotel changing. The renovation and expansion of VILLA SHANTI was undertaken by French architects and Tina Trigala Yves Lesprit (Lesprit & Partners agency in Paris).

Create a new-style hotel in Pondicherry, renovate an old colonial building of the 19th, enlarge in a modern idiom inspired by colonial architecture, both to coexist in harmony with the Indian identity and particularly Tamil such was the challenge that has emerged in the minds of architects.

Space is the first concept of luxury, they preferred rooms and spacious common areas, harmonious: no-frills to VILLA SHANTI but a sober and warm simplicity.

The graphic identity was performed by Elizabeth May, who has special expertise in keeping with local architectural approach.

Our second project, located a few meters from VILLA SHANTI based on the same principle of renovation and expansion of an old colonial villa of the 19th century.

It will be ready in a few months, but do not look anything at first because that is our motto, protect, invent, reinvent.

It will include six luxurious suites and a swimming pool inserted into a tropical garden.

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